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Rakinda Group is one of the leading Auto-ID solution supplier in China,with more than 17 years professional experience. Rakinda always keep an eye on the latest news about IoT and Auto-ID industry,and develops new products to meet new demands of customers all over the world.Latest company news and industry news can be found here. Besides, Rakinda spares no efforts to share our experience with you,so that you can find a better solution for your projects.And we share successful cases we have done for different industries, including smart traffic, intelligent self-service terminals,access control system, mobile devices, parking, vending solution, payment terminal, etc.Rakinda looks forward to working with you sincerely!

Built-in fixed barcode scanning module provides a convenient choice for express delivery cabinets

Rakinda LV3000H scanner​ is a high-performance embedded two-dimensional ima...

Jul. 18, 2022
How to Use Industrial Scanner Scanning DataMatrix Code on Pharmaceutical Packaging

Shenzhen Rakinda is specilized in barcode scanning for 22 years, and offers a ...

Jul. 04, 2022
What are the common arduino barcode scanner module

What is the difference between the 1D barcode scanning module and the 2D QR...

Jun. 22, 2022
Rakinda scanning 3mm size DM barcode Stationary Industrial Scanner

RK65 barcode scanner is IP65 rated, so can be Dust proof and waterproof.

Jun. 15, 2022
Rakinda will introduce the Difference Between Barcode Scanner and Normal Mobile Phone

Rakinda S2 handheld data collector is embedded with high performance 2d scan e...

Jun. 09, 2022
During Spring Festival, Shandong Province used facial recognition temperature scanner

It supports face recognition verification of health codes, and supports the ver...

Jun. 01, 2022
Rakinda Fixed Mount Barcode Reader Advantages

The QR code recognition performance of the screen is decoded by hardware and ...

May. 19, 2022
Multi Function WIFI Handheld Scanner Reader

In the mobile phone / tablet installation of corporate applications related to ...

May. 12, 2022
2D code scanning module using in the self-service

RAKINDA launched embedded RD4500 series two-dimensional scanning module...

May. 09, 2022
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