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Rakinda Group is one of the leading Auto-ID solution supplier in China,with more than 17 years professional experience. Rakinda always keep an eye on the latest news about IoT and Auto-ID industry,and develops new products to meet new demands of customers all over the world.Latest company news and industry news can be found here. Besides, Rakinda spares no efforts to share our experience with you,so that you can find a better solution for your projects.And we share successful cases we have done for different industries, including smart traffic, intelligent self-service terminals,access control system, mobile devices, parking, vending solution, payment terminal, etc.Rakinda looks forward to working with you sincerely!

LV5300 2D Scanner Module For Self-service Cashier Kiosk

RAKINDA will briefly introduce a LV5300 QR code scanning module that ...

Nov. 30, 2021
CCD Embedded Barcode Scanning Module Applications Are Everywhere

For a well-known domestic self-service equipment manufacturer, in order to cope...

Nov. 23, 2021
Wuchuan People's Hospital Installed Face Temperature Measurement and Health Code Terminal

Shenzhen Rakinda Technology has a full series of customized health code preci...

Nov. 18, 2021
OEM Scan Engine for Access Control System

RD4500R is a barcode reading device that can provide embedded scanning soluti...

Nov. 11, 2021
The 2d QR Code Scanning Module Introduces Book Self-service Management

It incorporates the QR code scanning module​, embedded QR code reader and ...

Sep. 28, 2021
Kiosk QR Code Scanner Helps Smart Medical Care

Rakinda RD4500 2D code scanner, QR code recognition module​, special scan...

Sep. 23, 2021
What is the Operation of Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal in Epidemic Prevention and Control?

The combination of automatic temperature measurement, ID card verification, n...

Sep. 07, 2021
QR Code Scanning Module Using for Facial Attendance System

In the era of "Internet +", the Internet of Things, big data and artificial ...

Aug. 31, 2021
Face Recognition Access Control Machine Can Achieve 1 Second Temperature Detection Code Scanning

Guangzhou Access & Epidemic Prevention: Enabling Health Code Face Recog...

Aug. 24, 2021
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