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RAKINDA 2D scanning module for industrial assembly line

Jun. 14, 2023

With the continuous progress of modern industry, all walks of life are now inseparable from advanced automatic identification technology. For example, the 2D scanning module used on the industrial assembly line can be flexibly and fixedly installed above the production assembly line to realize automatic scanning regardless of the application occasion. It is widely used in various scanning scenarios in industrial production, such as production, assembly, inspection and other links. Its ability to read various types of codes quickly and accurately enables the scanning head to work stably despite high-speed movement or vibration.

RAKINDA 2D scanning module for industrial assembly line

But did you know that different industrial scenarios require different 2D scan heads. Factory assembly line or automated production line customers need to understand its usage scenarios when choosing, so as to choose the appropriate scanning head. Let's take a look at this fixed 2D scanner LV3000U PLUS series dedicated to industrial production lines of Shenzhen RAKINDA Technology.

Before fully analyzing the performance of Shenzhen Envision LV3000U PLUS, let's first understand the structure of this industrial-grade scanning head. The appearance size of Shenzhen Vision Technology LV3000U PLUS is 45.5x55.5x28.3mm (length*width*height), because it is generally used in some more complicated environments, so its appearance adopts a high protection level of IP68. The head can withstand multiple 1.5m drops from condensation (three drops on each side of six sides).

With such a solid exterior design, the internal performance configuration is naturally very impressive. Shenzhen RAKINDA Technology LV3000U PLUS adopts the sixth-generation self-developed core decoding technology, which greatly improves the code reading efficiency and barcode reading speed. It can read 4-6 QR codes in one second and 200 barcodes in one minute. This product can effectively improve the operation efficiency and overall scanning reliability of factory assembly lines and automated production lines. It is the choice of low-cost automation! In terms of interface, it can support USB, RS232 serial port, simple installation technology (plug and play, easy to use, easy to fix), high-resolution image sensor and compact structural design make it very convenient for electronic factories and mobile phone manufacturing Quality management and traceability applications in industrial production lines such as factories. If you are interested in such applications, welcome to inquire and negotiate!

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