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Built-in fixed barcode scanning module provides a convenient choice for express delivery cabinets

Jul. 18, 2022

Nowadays, for people who like online shopping strongly, how to solve the problem of receiving packages is quite annoying, especially because they cannot receive packages in time due to socializing, overtime and other reasons. As for the express delivery cabinet with built-in fixed barcode scanner, we only need to open the mobile phone to pick up the QR code and place it in the scanning window of the express delivery cabinet to swipe it. The process is simple, safe and convenient!


How to use the express cabinet with fixed barcode scanner embedded? When the courier saves the package, click the "Save" operation on the display screen, scan the barcode on the express note, enter the recipient's mobile phone number, and select the appropriate size box to put the package in. When picking up the package, the recipient taps "Pickup" - "Scan Code to Unpack" on the operation screen, align the pickup QR code with the barcode scanning area and swipe lightly, and the box door pops open to take out the package.

The reason why the express self-pickup cabinet can realize the function of scanning and accessing parts is that it integrates the functions of automatic identification, collection and data transmission of fixed barcode scanners, and expands the function of "scanning and picking up parts" of mobile phones. Here is a brief introduction to the fixed barcode scanner for express delivery cabinets.


Shenzhen Rakinda LV3000H scanner is a high-performance embedded two-dimensional image module, using advanced CMOS image recognition technology, intelligent image recognition system, equipped with 1 million pixel global high-definition camera, built-in laser cross aiming, with strong penetration It has ultra-long-distance reading performance, and can easily read barcodes on media such as paper, commodities, and screens; it can quickly read various 1D/2D barcodes and large-scale screen 2D barcodes with various films. The all-in-one compact design can be easily embedded into a variety of equipment. With infrared/light sensing dual trigger mode, automatic exposure control, it is suitable for embedding in express cabinets, ticket gates, display kiosks and other self-service cabinet applications. When the scanned object is close to the scanning window, the device starts instantly and performs fast reading; the sensor on the device can automatically adjust the brightness of the fill light according to the intensity of the light reflected from the barcode;

In the era of "Internet + Smart Express", it is easy to scan the code to access the express, and the operation is simple.

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