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RD800 QR Code Access ControllerRD800 QR Code Access ControllerRD800 QR Code Access ControllerRD800 QR Code Access Controller

RD800 QR Code Access Controller

Product Introduction:

2D code scanning head and electronic control door lock , Door sensor and other equipment form a stable, reliable, intelligent and safe QR code access control management system

Product details

RD800  Using DataFlash and ferroelectric memory, the data will not be lost for 10 years after power failure; 4: The controller card capacity is 65,000 pieces, and the event capacity is 100,000 pieces, which can be expanded;the capacity of QR code is 100,000 times;Support multiple door opening methods such as scanning the QR code to open the door, swiping the card to open the door, card + password to open the door, super password to open the door, dual card to open the door, first card to open the door, duress code to open the door, emergency full open and full closed, forced door normally open and normally closed;

Key performance characteristics:

1: The controller is based on a 32-bit ARM microprocessor platform;

2: Built-in multi-task embedded real-time operating system in the controller;

3: Support TCP/IP communication mode, support WAN connection;

4: Support remote download and remote upgrade;

Parameters of Barcode Scanner Access Controller

Technical Specifications

Communication Method

Communication Port

10/100M self-adaptive Ethernet interface,

Direct-connected network cable

Crossover network cable


TCP/IP protocol

Serial communication protocol

Baud rate


Transmission Distance


<100 meters

Support Offline Operation

Allow online or remote upgrade

Support cross-gateway/cross-network segment

Weekly Programming

15 groups*7 days*8 periods

Holiday Programming

15 groups*100 days*2 periods

Control Schedule

Group*7 days* 8 periods


Card Users

65,000 (standard type), expandable to 250,000 users

Event Records

80,000 (standard type), expandable to 500,000

Capacity of QR Code

100,000 times

Power-off Data Retention Time

10 Years

Electrical Parameters

Controller Power Input


Access Control Dedicated  5a Power Supply

110~260VAC 50/60HZ

Backup Power Supply

12V / 7AH lead-acid battery (optional)

Working Current

<150mA (Note: Electric lock and reader current not included)

Communication Port

TCP/IP network port

RS232 Serial Port

2 channels, support connection of QR code scanner/ID card reader

Reader Port

2 channels, support Wiegand 26/34 reader

Relay Output

Omron relay DC30V/5A, 250VAC/5A

Relay Delay

1-255 seconds delay of door lock relay can be set, other relays can be set 1-65535 seconds

Interface Protection

All input and output interfaces have over-current and over-voltage protection, communication ports and power ports have multi-level lightning protection

Door Lock Output

1 channel, relay capacity 30VDC 5A, relay delay 1-255 seconds can be set

Door Sensor Input

Voice Output

1 channel with voice power amplifier interface

Door Sensor Input

1 channel, normally open and normally closed can be set, the transmission distance between the ordinary network cable and the controller is less than 200 meters

Exit Button Input

User Alarm Input

Door Lock Fully Open Input

1 channel, transmission distance between ordinary network cable and controller ≤200m

Door  Lock  Fully Closed Input

Performance Parameter

Card Reading Speed

< 0.2 seconds, support card reader to swipe at the same time

Swipe Interval

< 0.5s

Network Download Card

> 200 cards/s, the download time of 20,000 cards is less than 100 seconds

Network Upload Record

> 350 records/s, upload time of 100,000 records is less than 330 seconds

Support Card Reader Type

IC, ID, password, biometrics, etc.

Scanning QR Code Speed

< 0.5s

Scan Code Interval

< 0.5s

QR Code Verification

Rule verification, support QR code to open the door offline

Physical Parameter

PCB Size

160mm × 150 mm

Operating Temperature

-20℃ — 65℃

Relative Humidity

0 — 90% No condensation

RD800 QR Code Access ControllerRD800 QR Code Access ControllerRD800 QR Code Access Controller

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