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Comparison of Barcode Scanner with Laser or Red Light

Apr. 26, 2022

Barcode scanner can be seen everywhere in our daily life. However, there are certainly many people who do not understand it in a deeper level! So today, let’s talk to you about the comparison of red light and laser light used by barcode scanners! We will introduce to you from the following aspects.

Comparison of Barcode Scanner with Laser or Red Light

1. Principle of Luminescence

Laser scanning gun refers to the use of LASER laser light emission principle, and the scanning width can reach 25cm; red light scanning gun refers to the use of CCD red light emission principle, and the scanning distance is generally within 8cm;

2. Light Comparison

The light emitted by the red light scanner is a very thick line. The farther away the scanner is from the barcode scanner, the thicker the red light, the lower the scanning success rate. Generally, scanning barcodes with red light guns requires close scanning of the barcode. The laser barcode scanner emits a very thin and uniform laser line. The reading ability of the laser gun is much stronger than that of the red light gun. The laser gun can scan far away from the barcode. The laser barcode scanner with good performance can even Scan from half a meter away.

3. Advantages

1. Laser barcode scanner

1) The laser scanning gun can be used for non-contact scanning very well. Under normal circumstances, the laser scanning gun is the only choice when the reading distance exceeds 30cm;

2) The density range of laser scanning barcode is wide, and it can read irregular barcode surface or through glass or transparent adhesive paper. Because it is non-contact reading, it will not damage the barcode label;

3) Because of the more advanced reading and decoding system, the first-reading recognition success rate is high, the recognition speed is faster than the light pen and CCD, and the recognition effect of poor printing quality or fuzzy barcode is good;

4) The bit error rate is extremely low (only about one part in three million);

2. Red light Barcode Reader 

It has a better reading effect on defaced or fuzzy bar codes; the price is cheap, the scanning light is relatively thick, and the actual user experience effect is better.

4. Shortcomings

1)The price of the laser bar code scanner is relatively high, but from the sum of the purchase cost and the use cost, there is not much difference between the laser scanner and the red light scanner.

2) The scanning distance of the red light bar code gun is closer, and there are also some requirements for the color of the bar code, such as the bar code cannot be red when printed.

In short, through the above introduction, I hope to help everyone better understand and use the barcode scanner!

Comparison of Barcode Scanner with Laser or Red Light

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