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LV30 2D Scanning Module Used in Medical Equipment

Feb. 11, 2022

LV30 1D 2D QR scanner is Rakinda independent QR scanner. LV30 bar code reading engine, the application of the world's leading chip smart new continent image recognition technology to create a new era of image-based two-dimensional bar code reading engine. Seamless integration of CMOS image sensor and decoder board makes the engine small, lightweight and easyfor integration.LV30 is seamless upgrade for Motorola SE955 due to theirsame size and bottom screw hole. Thus,if you want to upgrade your solution from 1D to 2D, there is no need to change mould.


(1) The barcode scanning head is embedded in the medical tablet/medical device to facilitate the mobile rounds;

(2) The barcode scanning head is embedded in the portable tablet and applied to the station/scenic entrance ticket;

(3) Barcode scanning head embedded in Android industrial tablet for warehousing/logistics management, realizing fast inventory;

(4) Bar code scanning head embedded in the flat panel is applied to the invoicing, ordering meeting and other industry requirements of the store counter;


It is understood that the LV30 two-dimensional scanning module has excellent barcode scanning capability, and its compact shape makes it easy to integrate on tablet devices, portable devices and handheld devices. Combining a new decoding architecture with custom sensors, the LV30 scans for longer depths and scans faster, making it easy to read low-quality bar codes, especially curved, wrinkled, and contaminated bar codes. With excellent decoding performance, it is well received by domestic and foreign handheld terminal manufacturers and tablet suppliers.

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