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Barcode Function Huge Influence To People’s Intelligent Life&Consume

Jan. 22, 2018

Barcode Function Huge Influence To Peoples Intelligent Life&Consume

Barcodes have become an integral part of our modern life and consumption patterns.With the development of technology, more and more, we find that more and more things in life are related to bar codes. This is the beginning and the powerful driving force for the transformation of human intelligent lifestyles.

Barcode Function Huge Influence To People’s Intelligent Life

For most people, watching movies the most troublesome than queuing tickets in front of the counter, although you can buy cinema e-coupons, but still need to exchange paper tickets at the counter to enter the event of a hit movie, or inevitably have to platoon leader team.

In response to this situation, Shenzhen Rakinda combined with software solutions providers, gate manufacturers in particular the introduction of a smart cinema two-dimensional code ticketing information management solutions to simplify cinema ticketing links to help cinema to achieve the refinement and environmental protection Efficient operation.

Barcode Function Huge Influence To People’s Intelligent Life

Program, the audience tickets through the phone, as long as the entrance gate in the visual sweep sweep the phone generated on the order dimension code, you can complete the ticket, the middle without going through the conductor and ticket clerk. Program application process is as follows:

1, mobile phone tickets, saving time and effort

Ticket terminal, cinema ticketing system, the introduction of bar code technology, docking mobile terminal ticket distribution platform, build a sound electronic ticketing system, eliminating the exclusion of viewers to buy tickets, direct phone tickets to meet the needs of the audience to facilitate ticketing;

2, intelligent gate, sweep code check

Ticket-side, theaters through the intelligent gate, to lay a self-help "sweep code check" channel. Compared with the traditional gate machine, intelligent gate to RD4600 bar code scanning module for the "electronic eye", with its bar code self-identification, acquisition and data transmission performance, integration of "sweep code votes" function. The audience only need a smart phone, which can complete the ticket, ticket, the middle no longer need to go through the conductor and ticket clerk.

Relative to the traditional manual ticket, ticket, cinema mobile phone ticketing, sweep code ticket application not only enhance the audience's consumer experience, but also ease the theater ticket window pressure; the same time two-dimensional code electronic ticket application to reduce the paper ticket printing, Save operating costs and achieve the purpose of "green and environmental protection" travel.

As the core of Intelligent Gateway scanning module, FM30 two-dimensional bar code scanning module using superior decoding technology, scanning fast and accurate, support for one-dimensional two-dimensional mobile phone screen bar code reading; large window red scanning, speed sensing, even in the phone is low, Mobile phone screen film, color bar code, etc., can easily complete bar code reading, not only enhance the customer experience, but also speed up the circulation of customers.

At present, the RD4600 2D barcode scanning module has been fully popularized and applied. With excellent bar code reading performance and good embeddedness, it is well received by domestic and international intelligent gate manufacturers. In the future, Vision continues to innovate in the field of automatic identification of electronic vouchers, providing customers with the best products and services in the industry.


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